Hey everyone! So we went to Houston and while the weather was not the best I can’t say I feel bad about qualifying. We have been on the good and the bad of the weather so I can only say that this time it fell in our favor. We had a great time. We had a new sponsor on the car for that race. All Floors & More from Tomball, TX was on the hood. For any of your flooring or countertop needs please call 281-857-1557 or visit their website at www.allfloorstore.com.

So back to the race… Sunday morning came, and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, it seems like all the rain the day before affected the track. We heard most of the dragsters smoke the tires. Then we watched the two pairs in front of smoke. I started thinking that the odds were in our favor. As I watched the run, Cruz and Terry smoked around the same place, and Terry caught that one super-fast…We started getting a lead, then it smoked them again, and it got pretty sideways. They were both on and off, and then our car shut off. Terry said he didn’t see him and thought we had it and then he heard him on and off and there was nothing he could do. For those of you who don’t know, we put a pan pressure sensor on our car at the beginning of the year, and because of all the pedaling #4 piston got mad and created pressure and it shut the car off, then the chutes came out, which slowed him down even more. We are not disappointed because other than the one piston and one sleeve there was nothing hurt!

Then on Monday we were able to test the dragster! I was sooooo excited! It’s always fun when we get to do that. I feel like I did a really good job and Terry is super proud of me and the car so it was a great weekend all together. We made it home and unloaded the cars. While I feel bad for all the people who went to Atlanta and got rained out I was glad to see they were making it up. We were supposed to have a match race the second weekend of May, and unfortunately for us this time the weather was against us! So we drove over and dropped off our car at our sponsors in New Jersey. Then Terry flew to see McKailen, and B and I flew home! A few days later Terry came home, and then he was on the gas trying to get customers blocks out. He has been working so hard to catch up and it’s like it doesn’t stop long enough for him to breath.

Oh and on a side note… McKailen came to Texas for his spring break, and we had so much fun! We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas for Braiden’s birthday celebration. Kailen and I got to spend some much needed quality time together! We went and saw a movie and hung out while B was in school and Terry was working on the cars. Really bummed that I didn’t get to see him for Mother’s Day.

So after that Terry and I went to London. We have been trying to put together a deal to take one of our cars over to Europe for two races this year. They are also looking at next year for us to run all the races. They have five… It seems like so few, but the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate them. We were told that for the Easter event there was still snow everywhere… that of course sounds off the walls here in the USA. Terry and I have both been there but this time I’m an adult and have the best husband who even though he is not fond of heights took me on The London Eye… It is so beautiful there. When I went the first time Big Ben and the parliament buildings were my favorite. They still are. I believe I got more photos there than I did anywhere else. It was really great to meet all the people over there that are Terry’s friends. People that use to work with Terry and some new ones who just wanted to learn. We had such a great time, but it was really hard to be away from our boys for that long and because of the time change we were limited when we could talk to them. More limited with McKailen than B… It’s really hard and you take advantage of always being able to call them.

photo by Roger Richards

So when we came home, we were literally home for 10 hours and Terry worked in the shop until I was practically dragging him out so that we could get to the airport to get to New Jersey. Dipinto International was our sponsor again for this race. We always look forward to going to Jersey and seeing people that were part of Terry’s life. It seemed like less people came out this year than years past. One of Terry’s friends Wayne normally works on another team and even he didn’t come out. We usually stay on Monday and either go to the city or go to his hometown and see how things have changed. This year we didn’t get to do that. We had to get home to get back to work. It seems like there is never enough time in the day, week or month to do things when we are home.

While we were in Jersey we were super happy with the car. The first run it went down there but put a cylinder out. We were 10th after the first session. Then on the second session I pulled the pig tail, but when I did that the pins stayed in and didn’t let the MSD go into retard (which helps slow it down through the shake zone) so it ripped the tires right off… So we were ready for Q3 it went out and went 4.51. While we know it was slow we knew we could tune from that. So we were hoping that we would make it a little better and get in the show, but it went out and ran 4.52. When we brought it back we realized that we were off a little on the primary weight on the clutch, which made it much slower to the 60 foot which in turn didn’t help it further out. So while we were disappointed that we didn’t qualify at Terry’s “original” home track, we are super proud of the car and we can’t wait to go racing again.

We have a match race in Salt Lake City, Utah, the same weekend as Epping, NH, so we will be there. The great thing about this match race is that it is with both cars! Yes both cars! We are really excited to do it. We are having the guys come in for a BBQ on Friday and then we are going to work hard on Saturday. After that we are hoping to go to Chicago! We really enjoy that race, so I am hoping all goes well and we can attend. While the car count is getting higher on it we believe that if we take a step forward at the match race we will be able to make great strides forward for Chicago!

We are still hoping to run the dragster at Seattle with me driving. We have been working really hard to make sure that I have a sponsor for that race and that the car is ready to go. Terry will not let me run until it’s right. I too have been practicing and am getting excited. Of course there is always the chance that all of our ducks will not be in a row and then Terry will drive the dragster or the Funny Car.

Well now that you are caught up on what we are doing and how things have been going I should get back to work. One more note… we are going to see McKailen for Father’s Day, and we are all so excited because Kailen and I have been working so hard to make it special for Terry! I believe that mothers, fathers and grandparents day are so important because these people love you and I hope that all of the people in my life know how important they are and how much I appreciate them and we are trying to instill the same qualities in our kids! Oh and school is almost out, so it’s time for Kailen to come home … WOOHOO!