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New Sponsor Deals Allow Haddock to Expand Season, Team


Terry Haddock has entered into a major sponsorship program with returning sponsor Acme Refining and a major associate sponsorship with DiPinto International, a New Jersey-based transportation and warehousing company, for the 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing season. With this increased support, Haddock plans to run his Toyota Funny Car at a minimum of nine national events, with the possibility of adding three more to the schedule.

Acme Refining is a family-owned scrap metal company headquartered in Chicago, Ill. and run by Brett Baron. Haddock, the 2008 IHRA Funny Car champion, carried the Acme Refining banner on his Funny Car for a handful of races in 2010.

“Brett and his people are a pleasure to work with,” expressed Haddock.  “They came on board with our team in the middle of last season and chose to help us for a few races even though they didn’t have a Funny Car in their budget.  This year we worked together and they decided to increase their support of our team.”

“We are happy to be a part of Terry Haddock Racing,” said Baron, Chief Operations Officer of Acme Refining.  “We are very excited for 2011, for we feel it is going to be a great year for Terry and Acme Refining.”

Haddock looks for this increased support to help him create a new approach for his racing program and help raise his race team to a more competitive level.  Known as “the guy that never quits,” the highly determined Haddock has always had one of the lowest-funded teams on the circuit. but now Haddock and his girlfriend and right-hand “lady” Jenna Reich see much opportunity in their future as they will be able to expand the operation and be on a more even level with the other teams.

"Jenna and I are so excited that this is happening,” said Haddock.  “We are completely blown away by the support we are receiving.  While we’d like to run more races, we are going to be smart and only do what the budget allows.  With Acme Refining and DiPinto’s support the best thing is that we now have the means to be fully prepared like everyone else.”

One of the important elements Haddock is adding is the addition of a full-time team.  In the past Haddock would be understaffed with a different volunteer crew at each race, which Haddock admits was usually their downfall.  He says they have commitments for six crewmembers, which is more than they are accustomed.  While he understands this is not as many people as some of the larger teams, he believes it will help him be successful.

While Acme Refining will be the primary sponsor for most of the races, DiPinto International will step-up to the primary spot for the NHRA Supernationals in Englishtown, N.J. and the Uni-Select Auto Plus Nationals in Reading, Pa.  DiPinto International is an Intermodal container hauler that services the entire northeast with a fleet of trucks and a 225,000-square-foot warehouse based in Monroe, N.J. just five miles from Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

“I met Terry when he called me one day in regards to moving a machine shop he purchased,” explained Chief Executive Officer, Robert DiPinto.  “Once we were in the thick of the move we developed a friendship and the fact that he is from New Jersey strengthened the bond.  We love drag racing and the NHRA.  We feel like family at the track and we are looking to develop a great business-to-business opportunity there.  And we feel Terry Haddock Racing can help us with that in 2011.”

“Rob and I have been working together and have built a great relationship and friendship,” stated Haddock.  “With New Jersey being my hometown, it is special that we will be able to go there and represent DiPinto International this year with a real chance to qualify and go rounds thanks to Rob.”

“This is going to be an amazing year and we are feverishly working to get everything done and be more prepared than ever.”

Haddock plans to debut his Acme Refining/DiPinto Toyota Funny Car at the upcoming Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.