What a great month it has been. I am going to skip right over the rough parts of the month when we had to work on our parenting plan again. We have been working ridiculous hours, but it has been such a busy month. McKailen has started second grade and is really enjoying it. He started at a new school, so the new schedule has been an adjustment. He is also riding the bus! Which is crazy… he is becoming a little man faster than we want… Braiden is also in pre-k and loving it!


We went to Rogersville, Mo., and did a match race with both of our cars and had a great time! We are super excited that the dragster is so happy. The track we went to is Scott Palmer’s home track, and we had such a good time we are hoping we can return next year.

So then we went to Dallas, which had its good parts and its bad parts! The bad parts included rain on Friday and not qualifying on Saturday. This bums me out really bad because it has always been home for me and I so badly want to do well there. The good part however was on MONDAY when I was able to stay and test the dragster! My guys were so supportive, and we all really wanted to finish my license. I have made a total of 12 runs, and I am so close I can taste it. On my first run of the morning I only went to the 330… Terry was very happy with it. He wanted me to go further, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing the procedure correctly. So then on the second run Terry told me go as far as I was comfortable with… I made it to the 660 and then stepped off and pulled my chutes. (That was supposed to be my first run). Terry wanted to make sure that I made my pass and could find all the switches and felt the pull of the chutes. Then on my third pass of the day I was finally ready to make a full pull. I was on the gas and so excited and then just past half-track the car stopped pulling and I knew I was still on the gas. So I got to the end and turned off. When I got out of the car I turned around and saw that there was no more of a belt! Super bummed! So now we are going to hopefully finish my license in a week or two. Since Dallas and Houston are close to us I have some options. I will tell you, it was the best feeling when Del Worsham came over and wanted to know all about it. His daughters love Braiden so it’s nice that we all talk. Scott Palmer signed off on my half-track pass. I am beyond excited and so proud of my guys! Jeremy Bates, Jeremy Ozga, Ray Williamson, Jim Merlino, and Braiden Reich… I am also super proud of Terry. I am sure that it’s not easy for him to stand outside the car and make sure everyone is doing their jobs. Thank you so much Babe for letting me be part of the team and making me a better person!


After testing we came home and Terry went straight to work. He has been working a lot! He did take three days to see Kailen and then Sunday we went and saw the last home Texas Rangers game! The stadium was so loud! It was amazing! We can’t wait until next year.


Well it looks like the season is coming to a close, which means we are going to be busy! We will be attending Las Vegas and Pomona unless something catastrophic happens. We are also working on a deal for next year so hopefully we will have new and exciting news within the next month or so!


Have a great week!