In the last few months life has been crazy. I am sorry for the delay. I feel like I say that a lot, but I always start my blogs and then get sidetracked with another item and then I pull up and realize that I never posted it! Oops!


So in October we had a lot going on. We did a match race in Tulsa, OK. It was so much fun. We wanted to get some runs in with the Funny Car and of course try to work on my experience. I was able to make one run in the dragster… I learned so much from that run. At first we were going to decide against it because Terry was worried about it being at night, and he didn’t want me make any mistakes. I don’t have any experience at night, and he wanted us to be able to do a good job. We went up to make my run, and it was a little rushed, which is not part of our normal routine, so it took me a minute to adjust. Then I couldn’t find my ear buds, so I had to use a different set, and they of course didn’t fit my ears, so it was a little uncomfortable. We strapped me in, and it was time to have some fun. I did my burnout, backed up, and here we go. As I am waiting for the signal to pull forward, Terry pushed my visor and instantly it started to fog up. I lifted it a bit to see if it would fix it. I realized that I was more focused on that visor and I should have just put it out of my mind but because I wasn’t expecting it, it flustered me a bit. I rolled into the beams and realized that I laid my foot on the gas pedal just a tad… I heard it and fixed it and the lights came down and there I went. It made it about 300 feet and would have kept going, but it still had the front end in the air so I couldn’t steer it, so I lifted! I was so mad! I got down to the other end and got off the track and I am waiting for the team to come pick me up and I was so mad because I felt like I did an awful job! Then everyone got down there and they were all happy because of the times. It went .840 on the rear tire and 2.19 to the 330, and I was off the gas at 1.85 seconds. I was still mad because I felt like I made mistakes. It was definitely a learning run. I know it will get better but I wanted to do a good job.


After testing we came home and got ready for Vegas. We worked so hard to make sure that we were ready because we fully intended on finishing my last runs at Vegas. Vegas was so much fun! We attended the Fanfest and had a great time. This time we sat next to Erica Enders-Stevens, and she was very friendly. Sometimes we go to those type of events and don’t feel like we belong because we are not one of the heroes, but we had a great time. Some of my hometown friends who live in Arizona came up for the weekend, and we got to spend some time with them. The car did a great job. We went 4.39 then 4.29 then it smoked the tires out by the 660 because we got out of the groove. Then it was time for the final session and it’s us and Densham. Gary had struggled during the weekend, which was very uncharacteristic of his car, and neither of us were in. We went 4.34, and Densham went 4.31, and we were both in. There was only one car left to bump us out and Tasca did it! Dang it! We wanted it so bad, but the car did really well and was responding to everything we had been doing to it.


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Between Vegas and Pomona was McKailen’s b-day, so we all went up to Seattle to celebrate with him. He is hilarious! His birthday and Halloween are only a day apart, so we knew it was going to be a great trip. We went trick or treating with our friends up there. This year was interesting because Braiden doesn’t like the scary houses but he loves candy so I would go up there with them and he would hide but then would run like crazy once he had the candy. We decided that we would go to the Great Wolf Lodge because that is the one thing that Kailen loves to do. After school we headed down there and enjoyed the day. We got him a Nook for his birthday, which he loves! He is such a good reader. We had our parent teacher conference while we were there, and she told us he is reading on a middle of the year 3rd grade level, which is amazing! We are so proud of him. The boys have come a long way, and I feel bad when they don’t get to be together. We are really looking forward to Christmas this year!


After our time with Kailen we came home and worked a bit. Unfortunately, when we were visiting with him we found out that Terry’s dad had passed away. We knew it was coming we just didn’t think it would be so soon. Terry and I are planning a trip up that way so that he can pay his respects. He loved his dad, and I feel awful that we weren’t able to get there. We decided that in honor of his dad Terry would do a longer burnout at Pomona.


When we got to Pomona it was on the gas! Our flights had been delayed so we arrived later than we would have liked and then Wednesday I spent a lot of the day at the airports picking up our guys. Thursday came and we were so excited… we were hoping to pick up where we left off. We made some good runs. On Q3 we ran 4.25, which was our best of the year. We were so excited! We thought for sure we were going to dip into the teens. Unfortunately when we took it apart Terry didn’t like the way the heads looked so he changed them. With that we missed the tune up because we forgot to account for the difference in the cc’s. It made the tune up too low and we ran 4.32


We are so proud of our team and the progress that is coming along! Also, all year we had NO OILDOWNS! That was so great for us!


Now that the season is over it’s time to get to work on our customer’s projects and we sure do have a lot of them. Usually we wait until the first of January to get the cars done, but because we are so excited about the coming year, we are unloading and starting on all of it this weekend! Next year is going to be a great year! We can’t wait. Terry is already trying to figure out how to go testing and get more laps. We have been working on a sponsorship deal since April, and it looks like it might actually be coming around. If it does that means “Christmas in the shop” will be arriving earlier than normal. We will have announcements coming by the middle of December, so look out for them!


Hope everyone has a great offseason! Less than 90 days until the season starts again… Woohoo!!!