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Crazy That the Season Has Ended!

In the last few months life has been crazy. I am sorry for the delay. I feel like I say that a lot, but I always start my blogs and then get sidetracked with another item and then I pull up and realize that I never posted it! Oops! Read more

I'm So Excited...and I Just Can't Hide It!

What a great month it has been. I am going to skip right over the rough parts of the month when we had to work on our parenting plan again. We have been working ridiculous hours, but it has been such a busy month. Read more

The Ups and the Downs

The main thing is how many ups and downs there are in this sport. It doesn’t just apply to the small teams but to the large teams too. Read more

Father's Day and Match Racing in Salt Lake City

A father’s love is always there whether you can see it and feel it or not. This year we tried to make a point to show our kids how important fathers were. Read more

What a Crazy Year it Has Been So Far!

Hey everyone! So we went to Houston and while the weather was not the best I can’t say I feel bad about qualifying. We have been on the good and the bad of the weather so I can only say that this time it fell in our favor. We had a great time. Read more

Racing is a Puzzle

We're getting things sorted and preparing for the next go! Read more

The Holidays

Off-season happenings Read more
Hard to title this one since there's so much happening at THR!

So Much Going On...

Hard to title this one since there's so much happening at THR! Read more

Our Wedding, Testing, and More

SOOOOO....We finally did it! We got married. It has been a long time coming and there have been some hurdles. Since the Norwalk race we have been home working, and it has been crazy! We hired a crew chief, finished our wedding plans, left for two weeks, and then came back in time to go testing! Read more

Chicago, Norwalk, Oh My!

What a month! It has gone by so fast I can’t honestly say I remember a lot of it. Terry and I spent a week in Seattle with Kailen and did so much fun stuff. Read more